Reduce risk, induce trust!

A website using HTTP is an unprotected one and can potentially reveal information about the users that access it.

As a user, here is an example: you are using the search function in an unprotected website, so you can disclose personal or medical information to your employer, TI department monitors internet usage of Wi-Fi on your company, even if you are using your smartphone!

HTTPS is a way to prevent that “someone easily” listens to the communications between your websites and your users!

HTTPS is not the future of the web, it is the present!

One misconception about HTTPS is that we only need it when handling sensitive information. Even if you don’t collect information from your website users or have a login access you, as a developer, you should always redirect HTTP to HTTPS, if you use WordPress you definitely have to do it for the safety of your content.

Using CPanel there is an easy way to do this automatically, and if something breaks on your website it is easy to undo.

You can go to the DOMAINS section on you CPanel, and click the Domains icon.

And activate Force HTTPS Redirect on your entire domain.

Now your users will be safe and will trust your website. And modern browsers and search engines will be happier too.

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